Top Things To See At Winter Wonderland

It’s back and even bigger than ever London’s Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is packed with Rides, Games, spectacular shows, foods, drinks, and of course a dedicated Santa land! 

Find out why is everyone is going here as we give you a run down of the best bits and of course the best way to get there and home with your group.

Winter wonderland is perfect for your group whether that be family, friends, or colleagues. 



Winter Wonderland’s ice rink, the UK’s largest open-air ice rink is constructed especially for the Christmas period. Situated around the park’s permanent bandstand with live acoustic music to accompany your figure-of-eights. Spectacular at night, when the ice rink, canopy and lights light up the floor. 

A really special place to be during this time of year. 

It’s open to all ages, those using wheelchairs are also welcome to skate. If you have never skated before don’t worry you can hire an ice guide who is a trained ice skater, they can escort you into the rink and look after you and your group. Ice guides cost £35 per hour skating session. 

Price ranges from £7.50 to £30.00



Enter the Magical Ice Kingdom in the Winter Wonderland, a fantasy castle filled with woodland glades, sorcerers, and other magical creatures.

After the fun into the rink, the kids love to sing Elsa’s “The cold never bother me anyway” as they enter the Ice Kingdom. Wrap up warm because it contains over 500 tonnes of exquisitely sculpted ice and snow. Everything is Ice! 

Before claiming your rightful place on the ice thrones in the enchanted Ice Palace, explore secret tunnels filled with wizards, elves, unicorns, and dragons. 

Take your own Instagram shots of course but there is also a professional photographer to take your pictures which can be collected at the desk in the merchandise store. 

Price ranges from  £6.50 to £24.00



You can make your own Ice Sculptures in Winter Wonderland and the people who teach you are the artists who create and design the Magical ice kingdom themselves. The artists will help you create your own masterpiece. 

This unique experience is available to those aged 12 and over and ticket prices are a workstation for 2. If you purchase a ticket this will include entry to the Magical Kingdom

Sessions run from 12:30 to 18:30 and prices start at £58.50 for two!



No need to go to the North Pole as London has its own. Enter Santa Land in Winter Wonderland, where the kids can see Father Christmas and receive a modest free present (if they’ve been nice, of course!)This Christmas corner is packed with festive fun for you and your group. 

Santa’s Grotto, which is full of surprises, is a must-see. On the Santas parade, wave goodbye to Santa as he returns to Lapland. Santa’s spinning coaster, bumper cars, and a flying sleigh ride are all family-friendly rides.

Remember that seeing Santa is on a first-come, first-served basis, so get there as soon as possible. Tokens are required for the rides, but admission to Santaland is free.

Children’s rides start at £2.00 each



The Euro Coaster, one of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland’s oldest rides, is the ideal way to start any thrill seeker’s day! 

Jump aboard and ride the rollercoaster with the wind in your hair and the blood racing through your veins, as you scream on this 370-meter long track.  You feel like you’re on top of the world! or London in this case. 



The world’s tallest transportable drop-tower, standing at 85 meters in height.

This ride gives guests a breathtaking view of the expanse surrounding Winter Wonderland.

Featuring some of London’s best views  — that’s if you manage to keep those eyes open at the top of course. Slowly moving up and whoosh!!!! ……the rest you will have to find out when you get there.  If you’re brave enough this is something you need to give a try!



Some fun and a bit more unique rides for the kids include an Ice Slide. This 45 meter (148-foot) Ice Slide is great if you just want to keep it simple with a ring and some ice to slide down. 

The ice slide is the ideal pit stop for some festive fun. The slide will take you back to your childhood, whether you want to challenge your friends or family or just ride down for the thrill of it! 



Be enchanted with Cirque Berserk at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, as it has made a triumphant return to the stage, larger and better than ever!

Watch a jaw-dropping Cirque Berserk performance that includes juggling tricks, flaming torches, aerobatic and acrobatic routines, comedic clowns, and much more.

The show features REGENERATE – the renowned motorcycling Globe of Death – is back by popular demand. The louder you cheer, the more they will display elegance.

The show lasts approximately 45 minutes and the price may range from £9.00 to £36.00



Who says swings are only for kids? Buckle in for some big-kid fun, because this ride was created with thrill-seekers in mind.

Take the scenic route as a breath-taking experience awaits you here at one of Europe’s first high-G-force pendulum-style rides in the Winter Wonderland, the XXL

Conquer your fear as you experience being thrown while spinning around launching more than 40 meters into the air.



Want to experience one of the Tallest Transportable wheels in the world? Well, this is it! 

The Giant Slide transportable wheel is back to Winter Wonderland this season and is a must-see attraction for all visitors. 

Soar into the sky on the iconic Giant Wheel, take in the breathtaking view of London’s skyline from above while seeing the twinkling London lights below and the sounds of the celebrations underneath you,

Each loop lasts about 10 minutes, and prices range from £6.00 to £24.00.



A highlight for many visitors, riding through the world’s largest transportable roller coaster featuring the iconic Olympic ring that has five loops. 

Olympia Looping is not only visually stunning, but it also provides a thrilling ride. It’s well-paced, with just enough time between inversions, and it’s incredibly smooth.

It is the most popular of all the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park rides, and it is a must-try for all adventurers looking for a thrill.



A visit to the Winter Wonderland will not be complete without trying out the gentle ride at the Christmas Tree.

Not-just-your-ordinary giant Christmas Tree. This ride offers you a smooth 360-degree ride while enjoying the view of Hyde Park. 



Explore the classic Christmas Markets, that’s right — markets, plural, in the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which is one of the largest in London, filled with lovely German-style wooden chalets brimming with seasonal products offering anything from candles to soaps, scarves, jewelry, wooden carvings, candies, fudge, chocolate, holiday cuisine, baubles and decorations, and more. 

Choose from lots of unique gifts for your family and friends this Christmas. Buy uncommon and one-of-a-kind gifts, arts & crafts, curiosities, jewelry, and décor. It may take a while deciding what to get but be sure to prepare the shop if you haven’t already. 

The christmas Tree stands in the middle of markets making it a very picturesque view.



Warm-up at the Fire Pit bar, the coziest pit stop in the Winter Wonderland. with its crackling fires and uplifting live music.

Relax by the fire pit, listen to live music and DJ performances, and, of course, sample our Pepsi MAX cocktail beverages at the open-air bar.



The UK’s favorite circus troupe returns to Hyde Park with their crew of world-class performers. 

The events take place in the majestic Megadome, the UK’s newest and largest circus tent, which provides a warm and inviting theater-style environment.

In an annual Christmas-themed performance, another jaw-dropping aerial and acrobatic display. 

The audience is encouraged to participate and the entire production is built on good, old-fashioned family fun. From the beginning to the end, the show is exciting and action-packed. It’s the perfect length for a family movie night at 50 minutes.



Once you’ve hopped off the ice, sip on festive cocktails inside Bar Ice (where temperatures are set to around -8°C!), it’s the coolest bar in Winter Wonderland, a new 70s disco-themed bar inspired by old New York’s sparkling soiree. 

It comes with a free jacket and gloves that will help you feel warm all inside the bar.

Sit in a horrendously cold ice chair while you drink your mojito in an ice glass. Another great one for the Instagram shots. 

There are also several ice sculptures, including tables, glasses, and an ice bar. You’ll be welcomed with a complimentary cocktail — chilled to perfection, of course.



After winding around the park you’re sure to want some good grub. 

Winter Wonderland’s Street Food Village offers a variety of mouth-watering and delicious food and beverages. Macaroni and cheese, campfire pizza, truffle fries, and more, much more! 

Street food is more than just something to grab on the go when walking around. It’s a combination of surprise and invention for your tastebuds. 



Savor the festive German fare, such as German sausage and glühwein in the Bavarian Village.

German food, beer halls, music, and dancing With its warm chalets, outdoor seats, bars, cafes, and restaurants, it’s the ideal spot to chill and be entertained.

Adore the joyful evening ambiance in the Bavarian Hall, complete with live music, DJs, as well as plenty of sing-alongs, and be ready to rumble the night away!



A fun-filled and family-worthy space at the Family Chill Space in the Winter Wonderland, where you may warm up and relax in a peaceful space.

Perfect for lunchtime as it provides a quieter interior space with tables and chairs where we could have our food away from the rush and bustle.

There are microwaves on hand to warm up baby food and bottles, high chairs, two comfy chairs for breast or bottle-feeding, and benches for big people as well as little people.



The perfect place to begin to feel festive. 

The ultimate venue for drinks, acoustic concerts, DJ sets, and, most importantly, joyful fun, all in here at the Explorer’s Rest in the heart of Winter Wonderland.



Ride the carousel (but not just your ordinary carousel!) and enjoy a slow 360-degree spin with a festive drink at the Carousel Bar.

With this spinning bar, enjoy every sip of your favorite drink while the bar itself slowly moves around.



Have a feast at the well-known restaurateur Jimmy Garcia with its Alpine-themed restaurant inside the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

After many years of working in the French Alps, Jimmy’s Pop-up offer a perfect meal to melt the coldest chills

Also serves famed raclette burger, venison hot dogs, and truffle and parmesan fries downstairs in a festive bar and street food kitchen. Upstairs, our charming chalet-style restaurant offers a respite from the noise and activity.

It’s the ideal spot to relax your feet, warm your heart, and celebrate the holiday season!

Feel the magic in Winter Wonderland perfect for a great day or night out.



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